ASA (ARMORI STEELE AUTHENTICS) offers a highly curated selection of authentic autographed / signed sports and entertainment memorabilia.

Our extensive database allows you to verify the authenticity of your ASA memorabilia. Always ensure the authenticity of your ASA memorabilia.  

Our senior sports memorabilia consultants have over 15 years of experience in the field of sports memorabilia and sports cards collection. Our ASA team scouts auction houses, online auctions and sports shows on a daily basis. We are always on the hunt for the best and rarest authentic sports memorabilia.

Employing search engines, web crawlers and analytical tools, our systems scan through hundreds of rare sports memorabilia items per day. We congregate, analyze and secure the best possible sports memorabilia assets. 

Our selection is highly curated. We only target the most iconic sports athletes and top celebrity figures. We scan through thousands of items and only present the cream of crop to you.



We scrutinize, examine and inspect each sports piece through a thorough 3-steps verification process.

  1. Item based-comparables: Similar to a real estate appraisal, we compare characteristics that are similar to a subject asset whose values are being sought.
  2. Third-party authenticators: We always prioritize the acquisition of sports memorabilia that are authenticated by Beckett Grading Services, Frameworth, JSA James Spence Authentication, PSA/DNA Professional Sports Authenticator, Steiner Sports, Tristar Authentics, OA Online Authentics and other well respected third-party authenticators
  3. ASA validation process: Our autograph specialists will inspect the quality of the autograph based on the year of the autograph, the quality of the pen and ink employed, the canvas quality, clarity and pressure points in order to determine the expected market value of the autograph.



Sports & Entertainment art and memorabilia is an investment vehicle, just like investing in real estate assets or investing in the stock markets. One of the most crucial gauges in estimating the value of your collectible is who signed it and what type of item they signed. Likewise for sports art, the question comes down to who is the artist whom painted the art piece and what are his credentials.

Product Value Assessment (PVA)
Signatures from athletes with greater success at their sport and a lengthier list of achievements are more valuable. The same goes for merchandise of larger value, such as helmets and jerseys. Although these two factors have the largest impact on a piece of sports memorabilia’s worth, there are many other elements that can affect its value. The quality of the autograph plays a great role in determining it's value. Another variable that affects the value of autographed collectibles is the amount of memorabilia that an athlete signs throughout their lifetime. Similar to all other markets, sports memorabilia collecting operates on the principle of supply and demand. Therefore, a limited supply of a player’s sports merchandise is increasing the demand and ultimately the value of a collectible. (Quote source:

Value Creation-Enhancement-Preservation (CEP)
A well preserved and presented sports memorabilia item benefits from increased monetary value. Compared to a real estate asset, it is preferable that you maintain your item in good condition for future resale value. Through our CEP method, we custom build high quality, custom framing and enhance your product presentation. It is well advised to preserve the quality of your sports memorabilia in order to maximize its future market value (FMV). Investing in a proper display is a core value and service that we highly believe in. Learn more about our museum quality framing services here.