Goalie Mask Collector Signs Curtis Cujo Joseph With An Exclusive Goalie Mask Deal

In the field of sports memorabilia, a company's exclusive athletes are the crowning jewels of the company. With this said, we could not be happier and prouder to announce that our company has just signed the most meaningful contract agreement in our company's history: CURTIS "CUJO" JOSEPH is now an exclusive goalie of Goalie Mask Collector!  

Famous for his excellent goalie talent and recognized worldwide for his iconic MAD DOG mask artwork, Cujo owns all the legal rights to his mask designs and through the contract agreement, Goalie Mask Collector is now the only and exclusive place where collectors can acquire an officially licensed Curtis Joseph signed mask. 

We have many exclusively signed goalie masks and other exclusive CUJO merchandise lines to come. Including officially licensed CUJO apparel, t-shirts and caps. 

Welcome to the Year of the Mad Dog!