Breaking: Jonathan Quick 2011-12 Game Used Worn Goalie Pads Los Angeles Kings Stanley Cup Season

👑 BREAKING: JONATHAN QUICK 2011-12 GAME WORN Goalie Pads Los Angeles Kings!
You might be able to take me out of LA, but you will never make me stop loving the LA Kings colors. We are so excited to add these Jonathan Quick Stanley Cup season goalie pads to the Game Worn Exchange collection.
A glorious Vaughn model, similar to the ones that Jonathan Quick wore to win the Stanley cup. Unfortunately we were not able to match these pads to the Stanley Cup finals, however it is a set that Quick had worn earlier that season, which is still absolutely amazing. One of the greatest American goalies of all time!
More details and pictures to come very soon on the NHL GAME WORN USED GOALIE MASK EXCHANGE